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Catch every pitch.

The Pitches System

     Pitches NOW ( also referred to as Pitches) is application that allows the scorer to isolate the responsibility for recording the pitchers information, current batter’s balls, strikes, outs, current pitcher’s pitch count, and much more. Pitches provides quick entry of the scoreboard information that has greatest need for instantaneous update to the scoreboards. The Pitches package includes the ScorePAD SuperStand, the iPad Pro with the Pitches Application, along with the custom shortcut keyboard. The scorer can directly edit all input information and totals all on Pitches main screen (and immediately correcting any mistakes.)

Live MLB pitch tracking using StatCast

Intuitive iPad Pro touch screen scoring interface

Live MLB hit launch tracking, with graphic feedback

Allows entry on:

  • Balls, strikes, and outs

  • Runs by inning

  • Runs, hits, errors, left-on-base

  • Pitch counts

  • Bullpen pitchers

  • Mound visits

Key Benefits of Pitches:

  • Intuitive iPad touch screen scoring interface

  • Custom keyboard interface

  • "Share" system to define and direct user-defined messages

  • Live MLB pitch tracking using StatCast

  • Pitch location displayed over batter's Hotzone graphic 

  • Live MLB hit launch tracking with graphic feedback 

  • Interfaces with Plays for game setup and lineup updates

  • Serves as backup for scoreboard control

  • Simple and quick editing of counts 

  • Seletion of bullpen pitches from roaster 

  • Pitch detail including speed, type, and location

  • Launch velocity, angle, direction, and distance from StatCast

  • Can instantly send StatCast and GUMBO data to scoreboard 

Selected bullpen pitchers from rosters downloaded by Plays

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