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  • Can Plays be connected to my control room Ethernet?
    - Yes, our stand includes built in Ethernet.
  • Can ScorePAD’s stand be powered by our Power Over Ethernet (POE)?
    Yes, ScorePAD’s stand uses 802.3at (POE+). If you’re using POE+, then no other power is required.
  • Can the iPad be assigned a static IP Address?
    Yes it can. When the iPad is used with ScorePAD's iPad stand, you can connect it to Ethernet and assign it a static IP Address.
  • Do I have to use the touch screen to enter balls and strikes?
    No, we have a short cut keyboard that allows you to enter balls and strikes.
  • What if I make a mistake, can I undo a play or a pitch?"
    Yes, you can undo Plays and Pitches within the current at-bat and you can edit previous at-bats to make changes after the fact.
  • Can a play be entered via shorthand like typing on the keyboard 6-3 for a ground out to shortstop?
    Yes, most plays can be entered using shorthand scoring language.
  • How does ScorePAD connect to my scoreboard controller?
    ScorePAD connects its scoreboard controllers over the network using TCP, UDP, or REST. ScorePAD sends updates in CII, XML, CSV, JSON, and Fixed Length Fields.
  • With what graphic controllers can ScorePAD communicate?
    Xpression, Dak, VizRT, and Chyron and if it uses standard data communications and protocols, then ScorePAD should still work with it.
  • From where does ScorePAD recieve its daily statistics?
    Elias Sport Bureau, the official stats provider for MLB.
  • Do I have to use Pitches and Plays to drive our scoreboard?
    No, however we recommend that balls and strikes be done by a seperate person at ball parks. Plays is capable of doing balls and strikes by its shortcut keyboard or touch screen.
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